Supply chain disturbances and resilience strategies: a secondary data study

Carvalho, H., M. Maleki, V. Trajkovski, and V. Cruz-Machado. "Supply chain disturbances and resilience strategies: a secondary data study." In Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management, 3-9. Macau, China, 2011.


This paper is a review over a variety of events which lead to disruption conditions in supply chains and identifies correspondent resilient strategies for each condition. The paper objective is to make a link between the problems created by events and strategies that managers can use to avoid or mitigate the negative aspects of those problems and improve post- event recovery. To attain the paper objectives it was use archived media news to collect empirical data about disturbances (events), their negative effects (problems), and resilience strategies. In the data collection phase, the aim was to keep diversities and be comprehensive. Using empirical evidences from the sample is developed a graph to show the links between supply chain disturbances, problems and resilience. This research provides supply chain managers with some alternative strategies to opt for the best available decision, improving the post-event management process.