Resilient Supply Chains

Carvalho, H., and V. Cruz-Machado. "Resilient Supply Chains." In Actas das Conferências "Engenharias'07"- Inovação & Desenvolvimento, 304-309. Vol. I. Covilhã, Portugal: Universidade da Covilhã, 2007.

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This paper explores the designing principles to create resilient Supply Chains ({SC’s)} with the ability to return, rapidly, to the initial stage or to an improved one after a disturbance occurrence. {SC} disturbances and failure modes are identified and discussed. The concept of {SC} resilience is defined and explored; a conceptual {SC} Resilience Index and a {SC} Resilience Indicator are proposed. A framework for the design of resilient {SC’s} is introduced, identifying main {SC} characteristic that can be modified to increase {SC} resilience and to mitigate its vulnerability