The influence of eco-innovation supply chain practices on business eco-efficiency

Azevedo, Susana, Elizabeth A. Cudney, António Grilo, Helena Carvalho, and V. Cruz-Machado. "The influence of eco-innovation supply chain practices on business eco-efficiency." (2012).


This paper aims to study the influence of eco-innovation practices on eco-efficiency of business, which embraces environmental and economic performance. Four hypotheses are drawn up based on the existing literature in green supply chain and considering the business innovation. A survey questionnaire was used to collect data on a sample of {USA} and Portuguese innovative organizations. Multivariate statistics and Partial Least Squares ({PLS)} path modelling techniques were used to test the proposed hypothesis. The statistical analysis allows to conclude that there are differences between the eco-innovation practices deployed by organizations belonging to different sectors and with different sizes. Also, it was found that the level of implementation of the different eco-innovation practices by organizations influence the eco-efficiency of businesses.



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