Agile Index: Automotive Supply Chain

Azevedo, S. G., H. Carvalho, and V. Cruz-Machado. "Agile Index: Automotive Supply Chain." World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 79 (2011): 784-790.


The supply chains (SCs) have to appeal to new management paradigms to improve their ability to respond rapidly and cost effectively to unpredictable changes in markets and increasing levels of environmental turbulence, both in terms of volume and variety. In this highly demanded context, the Agile paradigm provides the capabilities to SC quickly adapt to changes in the market requirements. The purpose of this paper is to suggest an Agile Index to assess the agility of the automotive companies and corresponding SCs.The proposed integrated assessment model incorporates Agile practices weighted according to their importance to the automotive SC competitiveness and obtained from the Delphi technique.



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