.info files have several distinct keys that are unique to scholar themes they all begin with the "scholar" keyword

  • scholar[widgets] (array)

    Widgets are what scholar calls the display blocks on any given page. For a good representation of what widgets are and where they are located take a look at the "/cp/build/layout" page.

    "scholar[widgets]" is an array that allows the theme developer to override the default location of a block. Where the array key is the widget id and the value is the region you would rather it be in by default. For example the block that prints the main menu has an id of "vsite_menus_0" and is by default in the "navbar" region. To override this value and put the block into the left region by default the following entry would be used: scholar[widgets][vsite_menus_0] = left

    An example of some block id's are: (all block id's can be seen by looking at the html source)

    • vsite_menus-features: Primary Menu
    • vsite_menus-scholar_secondary_menu: Secondary Menu
    • scholar_1: Main Info Block
    • scholar_0: Site Logo
    • vsite_widgets-1: Search Box
  • os[cp_layout_css] (string)

    This should be set to the path to a css file that modifies the layout of the regions on "/cp/build/layout". If your theme does not rearrange the regions from the default locations then this is not needed. The css properties you are overriding can be found in the vsite_layout module under "/theme/cp-layout-map.css"

  • os[theme_type](string)

    Setting this to "vsite" lets the application know that your theme is available for use on vsites. Without this set your theme will not be available to users.

  • os[theme_access](string)

    Setting this to "public" allows any user to set this as their theme. If it is set to "private" then only administrators with special privileges can apply this theme. It can be useful if you wish to restrict the use of your theme