The Menu section of the Control Panel (under Site Building) allows you to control the menu links on your site.

You can completely customize the menus for your site. There are two areas for menus - a "primary menu" and a "secondary menu". Often the secondary menu might be in one of the left or right columns and would be links to perhaps second-level material. Primary links are often first-level material and might typically be found in the navigation bar area. However you can experiment with links in either menus and place them wherever you like.

You can change the order of how the menus appear by dragging the icon next to the menu items.
You can rename the menu links by clicking on the menu link titles and typing the new name
You can also choose whether each menu item should be in the primary menu, the secondary menu, or Not in a Menu at all.. Items not in a menu will not appear on your page at all.

After you make changes on this page, make sure to click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page.

You can create new menu links by click on 'Add New Link' near the bottom of the page. Fill in the Title and URL of the new link and Save it to add a new link to your menus. This link can go anywhere, even places outside of your site, such as Google.

One caveat is that themes may presume a maximum number of menu items in the navigation bar area. If you exceed that number the site may look funny. That said, you're welcome to present your content in any way you prefer.