Once logged in you'll be sent to your site. We'll take a moment to become familiar with some basic elements of your web site.

General Layout

By default the site is laid out in a manner similar to many web sites. There is a header area where you'll find the photo you uploaded; your name and professional title, address, and, by default, the Harvard shield. By default there are three menu options in the primary menu: Bio/CV, Classes, and Publications. As no content has yet been added you'll otherwise see an essentially blank site.

"Add.." Links

Click on Bio/CV and you'll be presented with another blank page, this time with two additional tabs: Biography, and Curriculum Vitae. You'll also see a new link "Add your Bio", distinguished as a red link with a plus sign.

These "Add.." links will be visible on pages wherever you can add new material. They are context-specific so if you're on the Bio page an "Add your Bio" link appears. If on your Publications page, an "Add publication" link appears.

To add new content you'll want to look for these "Add.." links in red and with a plus sign.