The Class feature will enable you to post and manage the academic classes that you teach and would like to publish on your site. It's important to know that the class feature gives you two types of content, "Class" and "Class Materials".  A Class generally consists of the class name, semester, and an overview of the class you are teaching or assisting with. "Class materials" posts list the material used in the class teachings, such as a syllabus, reading assignments, etc. You can associate as many class materials with a class as you want.

Creating Classes

To add a class post from your site, browse to your site and click the "Classes" link in your primary menu. Next click on the link that says "+ Add Class" and begin entering information about of your class.

You have the ability to create "Tags" or categories for every class post. You can also use existing tags that you had created previously for other content. You also have the ability associate images or files with any class.

Viewing Classes

All of your classes can be viewed by clicking on "Classes" in the primary menu of your site. You can also view and manage class posts by navigating to the Control Panel and clicking on the "Content" button . On the left column you will see a "Class" link that will display a list of your announcements. Visitors can also find specific class posts by browsing the categories that you have selected for it.

Adding Class Materials to a Class

You will have the ability to add class materials to any class that you create. You must create the class first before you can add class materials.

To add class materials, browse to your site and click the "Classes" link in your primary menu. You will list a listing of all of your existing class posts. Next click on the title of the class for which you want to add materials to. Finally click the link title "+Add class material" and you will be presented with a form to save your class material information or files. When visitors of the site view the class information, they will also be able to access the class materials that you have associated with the class.