Selected 5 granted patents 

1. D. Kang, I. Song, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, “Thin Film Transistor and Method of Manufacturing the Same”. Owner: Samsung. USA, nº 2557-000845US, US2008/0277663 A1; Korea, nº KR2008277663.

2. S. H. Park, S. Hwang, W. Byun, E. Fortunato, R. F.P. Martins, A. Barros, N. Correia, P. Barquinha, V. Figueiredo, “P-type oxide alloys based on copper oxides, tin oxides, tin-copper alloy oxides and metal alloy thereof, and nickel oxide, with embedded metals thereof, fabrication process and use thereof”. Owner ETRI/Korea and FCT-UNL; U.S.A., US2011/0253997 A1; Korea, Pn100240ET.

3. R. Martins and E. Fortunato, “Electronic Semiconductor device based on copper nickel and Gallium-Tin-Zinc-Copper-Titanium p and n-type oxides, their applications and corresponding manufacture process”. Owner: FCT-UNL. Austrália, (2007346358), PTI-AU 40653/09; Canada, (register 2,677,312), PTI-CA 40654/09; USA, (register 12/525,703), PTI-US 40656/09.

4. E. Fortunato, R. Martins, R. Barros, P. Barquinha, V. Figueiredo, Sang-Hee Ko Park, Chi-Sun Hwang, “Process of creation and use of Cu oxide with embedded metal Cu cations, Sn oxide with embedded metal Sn cations, Cu Sn oxide alloys with embedded Cu Sn metal alloys and Ni oxide embedded with Ni and Sn metal cations as p-type for electronics applications such as TFTs and complementary metal oxide semiconductor devices”. Owners. ETRI/Korea, FCT-UNL. Korea, PTI-KR4233/2010; Europe, UE PAT 410981/2010.