Tribocorrosion studies in centrifugally cast Al-matrix SiCp-reinforced functionally graded composites

A, Velhinho, Botas JD, Ariza E, Gomes JR, and Rocha LA. "Tribocorrosion studies in centrifugally cast Al-matrix SiCp-reinforced functionally graded composites." Advanced Materials Forum Ii. Vol. 455-456. Materials Science Forum, 455-456. 2004. 871-875.

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The present work reports results obtained from a series of preliminary experiments
aiming at complementing the current knowledge about the wear behaviour of centrifugally-cast
FGM Al/SiCp composites, through concurrent corrosion processes. Precursor MMC’s were
prepared by rheocasting, using 118.8 μm SiC particles and an Al-10Si–2.2 Mg alloy. Those MMC’s
were then molten and centrifugally cast in order to produce cylindrical FGMMC’s. Discs machined
from the top surface of each sample were tested against nodular cast iron pins, using an inverted
configuration pin-on-disc tribometer. Sliding tests took place at room temperature, over a 50000 m
sliding distance, with a sliding speed of 0.3 m s-1, under a 5 N normal load; both dry-sliding and
water-lubricated tests were performed. In order to elucidate the mechanisms involved, the wear
coefficients were calculated for each condition, and the samples were subjected to morphological
characterization via SEM/EDS. Concurrently, in the case of the water-lubrication tests, the
corrosion potential of the tribological pair was monitored. The results obtained show an increase in
material loss for the water-lubricated cases, although variations are registered depending on
reinforcing particle volume fraction. At the same time, the open circuit potential response of the
tribological pair may be correlated with the events of formation/destruction of the tribolayers.