A. Aguiar-Ricardo is a chemical engineer with expertise in the field of green chemistry  and supercritical fluid technology targeting (bio)polymer synthesis and processing. Her primary research focus is evolving new functional polymeric (bio)materials with higher performance for defined clinical and pharmaceutical applications as well as (bio)separation processes. She graduated in Chemical Engineering (IST, 1987) and obtained a PhD from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT-UNL, 1994). She did post-doctoral work at University of Nottingham, UK (1995), at Prof M. Poliakoff’s lab. She held a visiting position at MIT, USA (Jul-Dec 2007). In 2011, she was appointed with the Habilitation in Sustainable Chemistry. Currently, she is Full Professor at Department of Chemistry (DQ), NOVA-FCT, a NOVA Faculty member of Bio-Engineering Systems in the MIT-Portugal Program (MPP), member of scientific board of Doctoral Program in Sustainable Chemistry, member of the scientific board of REQUIMTE-LAQV. She is representative of Sociedade Portuguesa de Química in the EuCheMS former WP on Green and Sustainable Chemistry and member of the Supervisory Board of FCT-NOVA.