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Silva, Tiago, Maria Loja, Nuno M. M. Maia, and Joaquim Barbosa A hybrid procedure to identify the optimal stiffness coefficients of elastically restrained beams. Vol. 25. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 25.2., 2015. Abstract

The formulation of a bending vibration problem of an elastically restrained Bernoulli-Euler beam carrying a finite number of concentrated elements along its length is presented. In this study, the authors exploit the application of the differential evolution optimization technique to identify the torsional stiffness properties of the elastic supports of a Bernoulli-Euler beam. This hybrid strategy allows the determination of the natural frequencies and mode shapes of continuous beams, taking into account the effect of attached concentrated masses and rotational inertias, followed by a reconciliation step between the theoretical model results and the experimental ones. The proposed optimal identification of the elastic support parameters is computationally demanding if the exact eigenproblem solving is considered. Hence, the use of a Gaussian process regression as a meta-model is addressed. An experimental application is used in order to assess the accuracy of the estimated parameters throughout the comparison of the experimentally obtained natural frequency, from impact tests, and the correspondent computed eigenfrequency.