PhD positions PTNMR - Project 8 An Ancient Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biosynthesis System

PhD Program - PTNMRPhD. You can check the webpage of the PhD program or click on the link below.

Please fill the Application Form.

The application is open between December 20, 9 am to January 15, 12pm, 2018.

Check the web of PTNMRPhD for further instructions (Project 8). To know more about "An Ancient Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biosynthesis System - Orange Protein Complex", check my Research Interests tab .

Please read the announcement and prepare the application before starting filling the form. In short, the candidate will fill the form with the personal data, attaching certificates and complete CV. The Letter of Intent (with a maximum of 4000 characters including spaces) should be prepared separately in a word processor and Copy&Paste to the form. In this Letter of Intent the candidate should indicate again the order of the two chosen projects, and justify his/her choice. The name, email and institution of at least two referees should be added at the end of the questionnaire.