Electronic structure of amorphous ZnO films

Schmeisser, Dieter, Joerg Haeberle, Pedro Barquinha, Diana Gaspar, Luis Pereira, Rodrigo Martins, and Elvira Fortunato. "Electronic structure of amorphous ZnO films." Physica Status Solidi C: Current Topics in Solid State Physics, Vol 11, No 9-10. Eds. M. Godlewski, and A. Zakrzewski. Vol. 11. Physica Status Solidi C-Current Topics in Solid State Physics, 11. 2014. 1476-1480.




Times Cited: 1Fall Meeting Symposium on Novel Materials for Electronic, Optoelectronic, Photovoltaic and Energy Saving Applications (E-MRS)Sep 16-20, 2013Warsaw, POLAND

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