Current Research Projects

Contract PTDC/SAU-SAP/111482/2009: "Ferramentas analíticas para o estudo do efeito da radiação cósmica em pilotos de linha aérea." 

Contract PTDC/BIA-PRO/111485/2009: "Controlo de libertação de ferro e biomineralização em enzimas da família da ferritina."

Other Research Projects

Contract PTDC/QUI/67142/2006: “Iron detoxification and stress response in bacteria. A mechanistic study”.

Research Interests

The research is focused on the study of enzymes involved on iron metabolism, cellular detoxification, and other enzymes involved in oxygen activation such as desaturases and oxygenases. A series of different techniques are applied on this characterization, namely biochemical techniques, molecular biology methods and various spectroscopies (UV/visible, EPR and Mössbauer) in conjunction with fast kinetic techniques (stopped-flow and rapid-freeze quench).