Our research in the News!

  • March 2021:

Our project HIGHLIGHT, on photonic nanostructures for anti-counterfeiting, won the 3rd place of the IN3+ award of INCM (Imprensa Nacional da Casa da Moeda) - the highest innovation award in Portugal to individual projects/ideas. The 3 top projects and the ceremony (with the participation of the President and Prime Minister) were announced in the main media as: 

TVI24 - Prémio de inovação entrega 1 milhão de euros a projetos inovadores.

Público - 3 ideias para mudar o futuro: conheça os projetos finalistas do prémio IN3+.


  • February 2021:

Our research of Photonic-enhanced Thin-film Solar Cells was reported on TV! See the complete video here:

SIC Notícias - Exame Informática: novos painéis fotovoltaicos, by Sara Sá.

  • October 2020:

Our article in collaboration with Univ. of York, entitled "Light trapping in solar cells: simple design rules to maximize absorption" became viral in the news worldwide! It was the top downloaded paper from Optica in October 2020 (>4000 views only in first month), and in November we received a congratulating report from Optical Society of America (OSA) stating that “the media coverage related to this article has a potential audience reach of at least 760,046 worldwide”. This work was broadcasted in >150 international media outlets, and here is a list of a few selected news items:

International news:

ScienceDaily.com New solar panel design could lead to wider use of renewable energy

MaterialsToday magazine Solar panel checkerboard design improves light absorption

Optics&Photonics News - Checkerboard Nanostructure Boosts Thin-Film PVs

PV Magazine.com - Checkerboard solar cell design for improved light diffraction

TechExplore.com - New solar panel design could lead to wider use of renewable energy

Newsbreak.com New solar panel design boosts the light absorption by 125%

Good News Network.org - Breakthrough 3D Solar Panel Design Increases Light Absorption By 125% – A Potential Game-Changer


National news:

Expresso.pt Painéis fotovoltaicos ao preço de uma bateria de telemóvel

Publico.pt Painéis solares mais eficientes propostos por cientistas de Portugal e Reino Unido

Observador.pt Investigadores de Portugal e Reino Unido propõem desenho de painéis solares mais eficiente

Energiser.pt Desenho inovador melhora eficiência dos painéis solares

RTP.pt Investigação portuguesa pode revolucionar preços da energia solar

  • July 2019:

Micro-patterned perovskite solar cells trap light better, in MaterialsToday.com by Dra. Cordelia Sealy.

  • September 2013:

Plasmonics and quantum dots team up for solar harvesting, in Nanotechweb.org Lab Talk, article 54813

  • August 2011:

Separation of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with DEP-FFF, in NASA Tech Briefs New Technology Item. MSC-24368-1/70-1