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Madeira, D., L. Narciso, H. N. Cabral, M. S. Diniz, and C. Vinagre. "Thermal tolerance of the crab Pachygrapsus marmoratus: Intraspecific differences at a physiological (CTMax) and molecular level (Hsp70)." Cell Stress and Chaperones. 17 (2012): 707-716. AbstractWebsite
Costa, P. M., H. M. Santos, I. Peres, M. H. Costa, S. Alves, J. L. Capelo-Martinez, and M. S. Diniz. "Toxicokinetics of waterborne trivalent arsenic in the freshwater bivalve corbicula fluminea." Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 57 (2009): 338-347. AbstractWebsite
Santos, H. M., M. S. Diniz, P. M. Costa, I. Peres, M. H. Costa, S. Alves, and J. L. Capelo. "Toxicological effects and bioaccumulation in the freshwater clam (Corbicula fluminea) following exposure to trivalent arsenic." Environmental Toxicology. 22 (2007): 502-509. AbstractWebsite