Rydberg states of atoms in parallel electric and magnetic fields

Santos, J. P., F. Mota-Furtado, M. F. Laranjeira, and F. Parente. "Rydberg states of atoms in parallel electric and magnetic fields." Physical Review A 59 (1999): 1703-1706.


We present theoretical results for the photoabsorption spectrum of an atom in parallel electric and magnetic fields, using the R-matrix method combined with quantum-defect theory. We introduce a radial basis set which is complete and orthonormal over a semi-infinite interval [r0,(infinity)), to allow calculations to be performed for high Rydberg states in nonhydrogenic atoms without encountering problems due to linear dependence of the basis set. The nonhydrogenic character of the spectra is analyzed for Li and Rb, and a comparison is made with previous high-precision experiments which shows that the theoretical results agree very well with experiment.


JPS - Ref 04

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