Relativistic Calculations for Trapped Ions

Indelicato, P., E. Lindroth, T. Beier, J. Bieron, A. M. Costa, I. Lindgren, J. P. Marques, A. M. Martenson-Pendrill, M. C. Martins, M. A. Ourdane, F. Parente, P. Patté, G. C. Rodrigues, S. Salomonson, and J. P. Santos. "Relativistic Calculations for Trapped Ions." Hyperfine Interactions 132 (2001): 347-361.


We present recent results in the field of total binding energy calculations, Landщ factors, quantum electrodynamics corrections and lifetime that are of interest for ion traps and ion sources. We describe in detail MCDF and RMBPT calculation of ionic binding energies, which are needed for the determination of atomic masses from highly charged ion measurements. We also show new results concerning Landщ factor in 3-electron ions. Finally we describe how relativistic calculations can help understand the physics of heavy ion production ion sources.



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