Interpretation of X-ray spectra emitted by Ar ions in an ECR ion source

Martins, M. C., A. M. Costa, J. P. Santos, P. Indelicato, and F. Parente. "Interpretation of X-ray spectra emitted by Ar ions in an ECR ion source." Journal of Physics B: Atomic and Molecular Physics 34 (2001): 533-543.


We examine the most important processes leading to the creation of excited states from the ground configurations of Ar8+ to Ar16+ ions in an electron-cyclotron resonance ion source, which lead to the emission of K x-ray lines. Theoretical values for inner-shell excitation and ionization cross sections, including double KL ionization, transition probabilities and energies for the de-excitation processes, are calculated in the framework of the multi-configuration Dirac-Fock method. With reasonable assumptions about the electron energy distribution, a theoretical K x-ray spectrum is obtained, which reproduces very closely a recent experimental result.



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