José Paulo Moreira dos Santos


  • Vice-Dean for the Scientific Council, FCT/UNL, 2022-Present
  • Director of the NOVA.FCT Editorial, 2015-Present
  • Director the Research Unity LIBPhys, 2018-Present
  • Coordinator of the Research Unity LIBPhys-UNL, 2015-2022
  • Director of the PhD Programme in Biomedical Engineering NOVA Instrumentation for Health, 2015-2022
  • Member of the Scientific Council of the PhD in Atomic and Molecular Physics, 2017-2022
  • Deputy Spokesperson of the Stored Particles Atomic Physics Research Collaboration (SPARC), 2014- Present (elected two times in a row)
  • Board Member of the SPARC, 2007- Present
  • Associate Editor of the journal Frontiers in Physics (Atomic and Molecular Physics), 2021-Present
  • Head of the Department of Physics, FCT/UNL, 2014-2022
  • Elected  member of the Scientific Council of the FCT/UNL, 2017-2022
  • Guest Editor of the Special Issue "X-Ray Fundamental Parameters: Bridging Science and Technology" for Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2021-2022

Previous and current status

  • Full Professor (Professor Catedrático), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2017 - present
  • Professeur Associé Recherche, Sorbonne Université (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), Paris, 2014 - Present
  • Associate Professor with Aggregation (Professor Associado c/ Agregação), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2007 - 2017
  • Assistant Professor w/ Tenure and Aggregation (Professor Auxiliar c/ Nomeação Definitiva e Agregação), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2005-2007
  • Assistant Professor with Tenure (Professor Auxiliar c/ Nomeação Definitiva), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2003-2005
  • Assistant Professor (Professor Auxiliar ), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1998-2003
  • Teaching Assistant (Assistente), Universidade Nova de Lisboa,1992-1998
  • Student Teaching Assistant (Assistente Estagiário), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1988-92

Academic Degrees

  • Aggregation degree: Physics by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2005 
  • PhD: Theoretical Physics (Física Teórica), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1998 
  • MSc: Atomic and Molecular Physics - Atomic Physics (Mestrado em Física, ramo Física Atómica e Molecular) , Universidade de Lisboa,1992 
  • Degree: Physics and Materials Engineering - Physics Engineering) (Licenciatura em Engenharia Física e dos Materiais, ramo Engª Física), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1988