Polyphase Motor with Variable Number of Poles

Pina, João Polyphase Motor with Variable Number of Poles., 2010.


The invention consists in a polyphase motor and operating system thereof that allows obtaining an arbitrary relation of the number of magnetic poles without mechanical commutations within the stator. The number of slots of the latter is ideally given by the least common multiple between the required pole relations. The stator is polyphasic, and the rotor is that of an induction or hysteresis motor. The motor is designed for applications where a large range of operation requiring maximum yield and?or smooth speed?torque (or force, depending on whether the motor is rotary or linear) transitions. This is the case of electric vehicle traction. The operating system receives control references via a controller that compares them with the signals read by the sensor(s). The control action feeds a polyphase inverter for generating the voltages or currents that feed the stator. The speed, torque, or position values are measured in the rotor.



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