Strengthening RC Beams Using Stainless Steel Continuous Reinforcement Embedded at Ends

Franco, N., C. Chastre, and H. Biscaia. "Strengthening RC Beams Using Stainless Steel Continuous Reinforcement Embedded at Ends." Journal of Structural Engineering (United States). 146 (2020). copy at


An innovative system for the flexural strengthening of RC structures designated continuous reinforcement embedded at ends (CREatE) is presented in this research work. The main characteristics and procedures for the application of this new strengthening technique were described. To evaluate the performance and efficiency of this technique, a set of RC T-beams was subjected to a four-point bending test setup. The reference RC T-beam was not strengthened; all other RC T-beams were strengthened with postinstalled stainless steel bars. Different application arrangements and different amounts of reinforcement were considered, and the CREatE technique was tested under monotonic and cyclic loading histories. The tests were modeled using the nonlinear finite-element method (FEM) to predict the performance of the RC T-beams, which allowed analyzing, in detail and with good agreement with the experiments, the influence of the CREatE technique on the (1) strains developed in the concrete, (2) cracking patterns, and (3) strains developed in the stirrups. Apart from the expected increases in the flexural stiffness and load-bearing capacity of the T-beams, the results showed that the use of the CREatE technique led to higher ductility indexes in the displacement compared with traditional techniques. Moreover, with the CREatE technique, premature debonding of the reinforcement material from the concrete tensioned surface - commonly observed in externally bonded reinforcement (EBR) strengthening systems - was eliminated. © 2020 American Society of Civil Engineers.


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