About me

Born in October 15th 1976 in Canas de Senhorim the 7th of 8 children, the same place where I grew up until 12 years old. In canas de Senhorim I have attended the primary school in “ Escola da Feira”, and the 2 first years of secondary school in present “Escola EB2/3 Engº Dioníso Augusto Cunha”. At this time, school was not my place. I hate to have homework and to learn for the tests! Also in Canas de Senhorim I start the scouts life. With 5 years old I got as member of 604 group from CNE. October 31st 1988, after few hard years for our family, because the work situation of my father, we moved to Mirandela. In Mirandela I attended and I finished high school in “Escola Secundária de Mirandela”. Also in Mirandela I continued the scouts activities at 478 group. The group was very different than before and after 3 years I decided to leave. Without scouts, I decided to join the Salesianos Movement in Mirandela. I was part of several Young People Groups of “Sociedade Portuguesa de Salesianos”. 1996 I have got in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Chemical Engineering degree. New life has started. In 2001, last year of my degree, I have done Erasmus program in Wales University, Bangor, UK. Was the first experience abroad. Arrived in Lisbon, was time to finish the degree and search for a job. December 21st 2001 I got the last mark that led to get my university degree. June 2002 I started to work. Between June 2002 to November 2006 I was working for three different companies: Coventya, Cin and Triquimica. I have done technical and sales work in the iron protection systems. I was not happy… In 2006 I got unemployed. The right time to change my life. A former university professor was the support to give this step. During the unemployment, I did my master thesis with Paulo Limão-Vieira and then I moved to Innsbruck Austria, to start my PhD studies in the Institute of Ionic and Applied Physics. Besides, during this time in Lisbon, I got in contact with 1100 sea scouts group in Lisbon and I have restarted and preparing myself to be a leader. In Innsbruck, everything new started. I was decided to win and to do my best. In October 19th 2009 I did my PhD defense with the great pleasure of the presence of my loved parents. After my PhD I decided to do a post doc before I came to Portugal. Paris was the place that I chose to do it. After one year, and as result of no so good experience in the “city of love”, I returned to Lisbon, where I’m now, firts working as a Post-Doc in LCAM- Atom and Molecule Collisions Laboratory, 2010-2015. In 2014 I was awarded with IF-Fellowship starting grant by FCT-MEC for 5 years period as assistant researcher at LCAM-CEFITEC.