Numerical Simulation of Blast Effects on Fibre Grout Strengthened RC Panels

Rebelo, Hugo Bento, Corneliu Cismaşiu, Válter J. G. Lúcio, Manuel T. M. S. Gonçalves, Gabriel J. Gomes, and José P. F. Basto. "Numerical Simulation of Blast Effects on Fibre Grout Strengthened RC Panels." Structural and Mechanical Engineering for Security and Prevention. Vol. 755. Key Engineering Materials, 755. Trans Tech Publications, 2017. 18-30.

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The present paper aims to examine the potential of the Applied Element Method (AEM) in simulating the blast effects in RC panels. The numerical estimates are compared with the results obtained in an experimental campaign designed to investigate the effectiveness of fibre grout for strengthening full scale RC panels by comparing the effects that a similar blast load produces in a reference and the strengthened panel. First, a numerical model of the reference specimen was created in the software Extreme Loading for Structures and calibrated to match the experimental results. With no further calibration, the fibre reinforced grout strengthening was added and the resulting numerical model subjected to the same blast load. The experimental blast effects on both reference and strengthened panels, despite the lack of high speed measurement equipment (pressure, strains and displacements sensors), compare well with the numerical estimates in terms of residual and maximum displacements, showing that, once calibrated, the AEM numerical models can be successfully used to simulate blast effects in RC panels.