Developments with hybrid-{T}refftz stress and displacement elements

Freitas, J. A. T., and C. Cismaşiu. "Developments with hybrid-{T}refftz stress and displacement elements." Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences. 8 (2001): 289-311.


The paper reports on the work on hybrid-{T}refftz finite elements developed by the Structural Analysis Research Group, ICIST, Technical University of Lisbon. A dynamic elastoplastic problem is used to describe the technique used to establish the alternative stress and displacement models of the hybrid-{T}refftz finite element formulations. They are derived using independent time, space and finite element bases, so that the resulting solving systems are symmetric, sparse, naturally $p$-adaptive and particularly well suited to parallel processing. The performance of the hybrid-{T}refftz stress and displacement models is illustrated with a number of representative static and dynamic applications of elastic and elastoplastic structural problems.