Ballistic Simulation of Impact on Composite Laminates

Silva, M. A. G., C. Cismaşiu, and C. G. Chiorean. "Ballistic Simulation of Impact on Composite Laminates." Proceedings of the International Conference Constructions 2003. Vol. 2. Cluj-Napoca, Romania: The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, 2003. 139-146.

Date Presented:

16-17 May


The paper reports on numerical simulation of impact problems on fiber reinforced plastic composite laminated plates reinforced with Kevlar 29. The ballistic impact caused by STANAG-2920 projectile is analyzed to obtain an estimate for the V50 and the global damage. All estimate have been carried out using the finite difference numerical code AUTODYN-3D, are compared with the experimental data to illustrate the performance of the simulation. Good correlation between resulting simulations and experimental results is demonstrated both in terms of deformation and damage of the laminates and ballistic performance.



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