{Green solvents for enhanced impregnation processes in biomedicine}

Barros AA, Silva JM, Craveiro R, Paiva A, Reis RL, Duarte AR. {Green solvents for enhanced impregnation processes in biomedicine}. Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry. 2017;5:82-7. copy at https://docentes.fct.unl.pt/ard08968/publications/green-solvents-enhanced-impregnation-processes-biomedicine


Supercritical carbon dioxide has been used as a green solvent due to their well-known potential in biomaterials impregnation. The versatility of this technique enables the loading of implants with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients which present several benefits when compared with traditional techniques to impregnate active compounds. In this review, we have summarized the recent progresses achieved in supercritical CO2assisted impregnation of active compounds and therapeutic deep eutectic systems for biomedical applications.



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