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Antão, Armando N., Nuno Costa M. da Guerra, Manuel Matos Fernandes, and António Cardoso. "Influence of tension cut-off on the stability of anchored concrete soldier-pile walls in clay." Canadian Geotechnical Journal. 45 (2008): 1036-1044. AbstractWebsite

A previous paper studied the stability of soldier-pile walls in clay under vertical loading using upper bound analyses. A classical Tresca yield criterion was assumed in that analysis. This paper extends that study by considering a tension truncated Tresca yield criterion in an upper bound numerical analysis of the problem. It shows that assuming zero tension soil strength has a significant influence on the values of the minimum soldier-pile resistance required to ensure stability.

Josefino, Santos C. J., Costa N. M. da Guerra, and Nunes A. Antão. "Influence of the Embedded Length on the Overall Stability of Single Anchored Retaining Walls." Soils & Rocks. 40.2 (2017): 133-145.