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Journal Article
Ribeiro N, Casimiro T, Duarte C, Nunes Da Ponte M, Aguiar-Ricardo A, Poliakoff M. "Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium and Critical Line of the CO2 + Xe System. Critical Behavior of CO2 + Xe versus CO2 + n-Alkanes." Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2000;104(4):791-795. AbstractWebsite
Aguiar-Ricardo A, Temtem M, Casimiro T, Ribeiro N. "A visual acoustic high-pressure cell for the study of critical behavior of nonsimple mixtures." Review of Scientific Instruments. 2004;75(10 I):3200-3202. AbstractWebsite
Aguiar-Ricardo A, Casimiro T, Costa T, Leandro J, Ribeiro N. "Visual and acoustic investigation of the critical behavior of mixtures of CO2 with a perfluorinated polyether." Fluid Phase Equilibria. 2006;239(1):26-29. AbstractWebsite