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Reis JCR, Ribeiro N, Aguiar-Ricardo A. "Can the speed of sound be used for detecting critical states of fluid mixtures?" Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2006;110(1):478-484. AbstractWebsite
Montilla F, Avilés T, Casimiro T, Ricardo AA, Nunes Da Ponte M. "CpCo(CO)2-catalysed cyclotrimerisation of alkynes in supercritical carbon dioxide." Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 2001;632(1-2):113-118. AbstractWebsite
Macedo H, Ricardo AA, Sotomayor J. "Construction of a low-cost apparatus for gas adsorption on solids." Journal of Chemical Education. 2006;83(6):915-918. AbstractWebsite
Duarte C, Aguiar-Ricardo A, Ribeiro N, Casimiro T, Nunes Da Ponte M. "Correlation of vapor-liquid equilibrium for carbon dioxide + ethanol + water at temperatures from 35 to 70°C." Separation Science and Technology. 2000;35(14):2187-2201. AbstractWebsite
Da Silva MS, Vão ER, Temtem M, Mafra L, CALDEIRA J, Aguiar-Ricardo A, Casimiro T. "Clean synthesis of molecular recognition polymeric materials with chiral sensing capability using supercritical fluid technology. Application as HPLC stationary phases." Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 2010;25(7):1742-1747. AbstractWebsite
Brás ARE, Henriques S, Casimiro T, Aguiar-Ricardo A, Sotomayor J, CALDEIRA J, Santos C, Dionísio M. "Characterization of a nematic mixture by reversed-phase HPLC and UV spectroscopy: An application to phase behaviour studies in liquid crystal-CO2 systems." Liquid Crystals. 2007;34(5):591-597. AbstractWebsite
Barroso T, Viveiros R, Temtem M, Casimiro T, Botelho do Rego AM, Aguiar-Ricardo A. "A Combined Strategy to Surface-Graft Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels Using Plasma Activation and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide." ACS Macro Letters. 2012;1:356-360. AbstractWebsite

Differently shaped polymeric matrices were efficiently coated with stimuli-responsive hydrogels for a wide range of applications using a new methodology. By combining plasma surface activation and polymerization in supercritical media at mild conditions, we report the direct smart coating of microcarriers and membranes in gram-scale quantities with a scalable, green, and low-cost approach.