Anita Lourenço


MSc Student in Biotechnology, New University of Lisbon - Advisors: Ana Aguiar-Ricardo, Teresa Casimiro and António Soares (Beyon Devices).

2008-2012 Graduation in Biochemistry, New University of Lisbon

Improved polymeric medical devices for active substances delivery

The use of medical devices in the one of the fastest growing areas of medicine and an increasing source of healthcare associated infections. 

This project aims to optimize the performance of polymeric medical devices developed by BeyonDevices: inhalers and vaginal applicators. BeyonDevices is a Portuguese company devoted to pharmaceutical packaging, medical technology and device industry. 

This project study the impact of the composition and surface modification. In the case of the vaginal applicator, an antifungal/antimicrobial coating is tested to maximize the self-cleaning and prevent the transport of bacterias and fungi to vaginal flora. In the case of the inhaler, surface modification to reduce surface resistance to powder flowability will be tested to improve lung delivery, and an antimicrobial coating which allows microbial self-cleaning of the device. 

Also, new formulations for pulmonary delivery will be prepared using a SAA (supercritical assisted atomization) apparatus