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Seabra, J., Y. Rybarcsik, and A. Batista Development of a Wearable Monitoring System for Service Dogs. IEEE Roman WorkShop. Edinburgh, 2014.service_dogs.pdf
Sara, Russo, Arnaldo Batista, Filipa Esgalhado, Catarina Palma R. dos Reis, Fátima Serrano, Valentina Vassilenko, and Manuel Ortigueira. "Alvarez waves in pregnancy: a comprehensive review." Biophysical Reviews. 1 (2021): 12.
Şan, Mufit, Arnaldo Batista, Sara Russo, Filipa Esgalhado, Catarina Palma Reis, Fátima Serrano, and Manuel Ortigueira. "A Preliminary Exploration of the Placental Position Influence on Uterine Electromyography Using Fractional Modelling." Sensors. 5.22 (2022).