Research activities


CrowdWork21: Finding new strategies to organise in Europe

DG Emp
European Commission (Brussels, Brussels

Additive Bio-Manufacturing

Additive Bio-Manufacturing: 3D Printing for Medical Recovery and Human Enhancement

European Parliament
Brussels (Brussels

Dynamics of Virtual Work

COST Action
European Commission (Brussels


SynErgie – Ausrichtung von Industrieprozessen auf fluktuierende Energieversorgung

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Berlin, Berlin

Sustainable HRM

Sustainable Human Resource Management in the Context of Emerging Technologies

The Research Council (Vilnius, Vilnius


Exploring the contribution of social dialogue and collective bargaining in the promotion of decent and productive virtual work

European Commission (Brussels, Brussels

Metalworkers 4.0

Metalworkers 4.0 – high skills of employees as a measure for high adaptability of enterprises to technological changes.

Kopernikus: SynErgie

Cluster VI: Augsburg model region – models of organizational development with a view to fluctuating energy supply

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Berlin, Berlin


Involving social partners in dual VET governance: exploring the contribution of social partners in the design, renewal and implementation of dual VET


Role of collective bargaining in shaping work-life balance in public service sector - challenges and perspectives

European Commission (Brussels