João   Ameixa

João Ameixa

PhD Student

"Collision studies with electro sprayed biomolecules"

PhD student co-tutele agreement with University of Innsbruck, Austria

Tiago  Cunha

Tiago Cunha

PhD Student

"Negative ion formation in potassium-purine molecule collisions"

Emanuele  Lange

Emanuele Lange

PhD Student

André   Oliveira

André Oliveira

MSc Student

Master thesis in "Tecnologias Biomédicas" IST UL

Beatriz  Pamplina

Beatriz Pamplina

MSc Student

"Electron transfer in boronic acids upon atom-molecule collisions"

Ana Rita  Pecorelli

Ana Rita Pecorelli

MSc Student

"Decomposition of nitroimidazolic compounds used in oncologic treatment"

Bernardo   Teixeira

Bernardo Teixeira

Undergraduate Researcher

Researcher within the project "Diagnosis, staging and therapeutic decision process optimization in suspect lung cancer patients"